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Ritmo Calypso of New Orleans: Music

Big Bamboo

(Ritmo Calypso)
July 17, 2009
Big Bamboo is a traditional Jamaican song about what most women want.
Big Bamboo

I asked my lady what could I do
To keep her happy and to keep her true
She said my baby all I need from you
Is a teeny weeny piece of the big bamboo.
The big bamboo all day long
The big bamboo is a whole lot strong
The big bamboo stand up straight and tall
and The big bamboo pleases one and all.

I gave my woman a banana plant
She said my friend this is elegant
It is much too nice to go to waste
But it is much too soft to suit my taste
I gave a woman two coconuts
She said my friend this is O.K. but
I know you want to be nice to me
But don’t give me nuts without the tree
I gave my woman a sugar cane
Yeah this is sweet she did explain
She handed it back to my surprise
She liked the flavor but not the size
A Chinaman they call Han Hang Lo
Got married and went to Mexico
His wife divorced him very quick
She wanted big bamboo and no chopstick